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Adult education opportunities

The Discipleship / Adult Education Ministry Team plans various classes that are offered at ACC.  Our goal is for everyone to mature as a follower of Jesus Christ as they develop both Bible knowledge and skills for Christian living.

  • Sunday School -- 9:30 Am

    Standard Lesson Class: This course is based on a six year cycle that covers the entire Bible.  Our focus this Spring will be Acknowledging God.  Most of us are familiar with the child's mealtime prayer, "God is great, God is good; let us thank Him for our food."  That prayer expresses a truth that is worth remembering and honoring in adulthood as well as childhood:  God is indeed great.  That greatness is on display in our studies this quarter.  Taught by George Cornell, Jerry Wacker & Rick Lund

    Journeys Class:  Study of Isaiah:  Come join us if you've ever wondered about exactly what a Prophet is, what they do, and why one named Isaiah is sometimes called the "Prince of the Prophets."  While Isaiah's book is very long (66 chapters!), we'll look at why it was written and the main themes in this, the 2nd most quoted book by New Testament writers.  Finally, we'll briefly touch on the future picture Isaiah gives about God's Kingdom and what that means for you!  Taught by Mark LaPlaca & Brent Adams

    Devoted Hearts (Women's Class):   All ladies are invited to join us each week at 9:30 AM.  We'll be studying a variety of topics throughout the summer, including watching videos from the IF:Gathering we hosted last winter.   Taught by Cathy Groen