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Adult education opportunities

The Discipleship / Adult Education Ministry Team plans various classes that are offered at ACC.  Our goal is for everyone to mature as a follower of Jesus Christ as they develop both Bible knowledge and skills for Christian living.

  • Sunday School -- 9:30 Am

    Standard Lesson Class:

    This course systematically covers the entire Bible in a six-year cycle. If you would like to get a good grasp on Biblical history and how it applies to your life, then this class is for you. Our focus this quarter will be looking at what Jesus called “the first and greatest commandment,” — to love God. We’ll draw from both the Old and New Testaments to learn what it is about God that makes Him worthy of our love.

    George Cornell, David Bruess & Jerry Wacker, Teachers

    Devoted Hearts (Women's Class):   "Who is Jesus"

    "Who is Jesus?" The question has been asked and debated for generations. Some call him Lord. Some say he was a good man, a prophet, or a teacher. Still others call him a lunatic or liar. History, culture and scripture agree that all of life centers on your answer to this one question Who is Jesus? 

    Join the women of ACC on June 30th for a DVD driven study on "Who is Jesus?" by Louie Giglio. Each week will stand alone if you happen to miss a class.

                                                                                                   Class taught by Cathy Groen

    Foundations Class:

    Foundations is a brand new Sunday school class that teaches the basics of what the Bible says about what a Christian should believe and how a Christian should act. For fifteen weeks, we will consider questions like:

    • Who is God & how can I get to know Him? 
    • Does God really care about me? 
    • What does God expect from me? 
    • What should I do about the poor and injustice? 
    • What happens after this world ends? 

    You might ask: Is this class for me? If you are new to ACC or just wondering what Christianity is all about, this class is for you. If you’ve been a Christian for a while and you want to grow deeper in your understanding of the Bible, this class is for you. We will meet in Room #103 beginning January 20.                   Class taught by Joe Schmidt

    Journeys Class "Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life":

    Spiritual Disciplines – Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions in your spiritual life? Are you  ready for more? If you want to get real in your walk with Jesus, then this class is for you.

    We are currently studying the book “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life” by Donald S. Whitney. In this study we are learning what the spiritual disciplines are and how to practice them. Whitney shows us that practicing these disciplines helps us become godlier followers of Christ. So if you’re ready to leave mediocrity behind, come join us as we learn to take our walk with Jesus to the next level.

    Adolphus Bates, Teacher