Before You Visit

We know visiting a church can be intimidating.  Here's some info that may help - what you can expect.  We are people just like you, from all walks of life and all generations.  We are just like a family - God's Family - young and old - new Christians and veteran saints.  You will find people from all kinds of church backgrounds - and no church background!  Whoever you are, you'll find a warm welcome and people who care about you, love God, His Word and are trying to make a difference in our world.

  • What to wear

    You will see people dressed in blue jeans and sandals, as well as business casual. Please come dressed as you are comfortable. 

  • our wORSHIP

    Worship at ACC is an intentional mixture of new and old.  You can expect to hear contemporary worship music as well as music from previous generations of Christians. Every generation has something to teach us about living in relationship with God.  Our worship team seeks to lead everyone before God to give Him our praise, using voices, instruments, and various media.


    Every week as we meet together we take time in our service to celebrate the Lord's Supper as a Memorial Meal. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ you are invited to share in this time of remembrance of His shed body and blood for our sins. 

  • The Message

    You can expect to hear relevant teaching on the Word of God each and every Sunday. There are Bibles in each pew as well as references on the screen to follow. 


    As an act of worship, we take an offering each week. Each one is invited to participate according to their own desire. There is never any pressure to give.

Our Mission

We want to be a healthy example of the Family of God

The Church is a family: relationships, older, younger, rookies, veterans, extroverts, and introverts. There are challenges in being a family – and we willingly accept them. We do so because of how great it is to have real friends who really care!

So we can help people become more like Jesus

In healthy families people grow, they mature. Churches should help people grow spiritually as well. That's a priority for us. We are here to help everyone “grow up” spiritually. This happens by following Jesus, learning from Him, studying the Bible, and learning from other believers. This “Christlikeness” is our goal for everyone at ACC.

Then we can impact our Community

Jesus came to earth to invite all God’s Children to come home to their Heavenly Father. He did that by first showing them God's love and then dying for our sins. That mission which He began, is now ours to continue.

And we can impact the World

God’s love is a lot bigger than our community or the people we know. Jesus came to invite the whole world to come home to their Heavenly Father. We are committed to continuing that global Kingdom work.

More Information

If you're looking for more information, check out the literature below.
If you don't find the answers you're looking for below, please reach out to one of our pastors. 

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Meet Our Ministers

God has brought to ACC some great people who do a phenomenal job in the various ministries they lead.

You can click the link in each person's section if you wish to send them an email.

  • jim conner - senior minister

    Jim and his wife Peggy have ministered in churches for 40+ yrs.  They have served in IL, TN, MN, and Eastern Europe.  He comes with a broad experience in leading churches and developing church leaders.  His years overseas in mission work have given him a deep passion for God's larger Kingdom. "God has placed within me a passion for people and the Church. There is no greater joy for me than helping people awaken to God’s love and draw closer to Him – most often by helping them meet Jesus."

                     [CLICK HERE TO EMAIL JIM]

  • cary dietsche - worship minister

    Cary comes to us with over twenty years' experience leading worship, organizing and leading musicians, overseeing the technical, audio and video aspects of worship, choral arranging and directing and accompanying vocalists and musicians.  He was raised in Wisconsin (yes, he's a Packer fan).  He and his wife, Rosalie, have two grown children and six adorable grandchildren.  Cary shares our passion for worship that focuses on God and involves all the people.  He loves the Church and is committed to worship that includes traditional as well as contemporary music.

                          [CLICK HERE TO EMAIL CARY]

  • Joe schmidt -- associate minister

    Joe comes to us with over 15 years of ministry experience after 20 years in the Air Force.  He graduated from Bible College in Florida in 2003 and most recently held a Senior Ministry role in Kewaunee, Illinois.  His focus at Andover Christian Church is Men's Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Small Groups and Evangelism.  He and his wife, Nancy, share a love for the church and the lost.  They enjoy spending time with their 3 children and their families, including 3 grandchildren.

                       [CLICK HERE TO EMAIL JOE]

  • Rhonda Jensen - Interim children's minister

    Rhonda is not a stranger to ACC's office. She has worked as our Office Administrator and as our Children's Minister in the past, and she is also the leader of our Community Ministries Team. She and her husband, Jim, have three grown children. She has returned to our office to fill in the position while we search for our new Children's Minister. 

                             [CLICK HERE TO EMAIL RHONDA]

  • grant kurka - youth minister

    Grant just joined our team in August of 2019.  He's a graduate of Lincoln Christian University with a degree in Youth & Family Ministry.  He grew up in South Dakota and enjoys tacos, reading, talking "youth ministry" stuff and hanging out with people.


Our Roots

ACC is part of a tradition known as Independent Christian Churches. This fellowship of churches began in the early 1800's on the American Frontier (such as Ohio, Kentucky, the Carolina's). At that time leaders from a variety of denominations came together in a Unity Movement up and down the frontier. These leaders were committed to being "Just Christians" without a denominational structure. Today our churches number over 6,000 congregations across the U.S. We have no hierarchy or headquarters; each congregation is independent and non-denominational. 

We still seek today to be "just Christians." There is no outside authority that directs us. We have a desire to work with other churches in the area to carry out Christ's work. Our focus remains to try and re-establish the simple practices of the New Testament Church.