Upcoming Events

  • ACC Kids friendsgiving party - Nov 15

    November 15, 6pm-8pm, kids ages kindergarten and up are invited to join us as we celebrate all the blessings that we have been given. We will have fun activities and a movie all focused on being thankful . Younger children may attend with Mom or Dad. Feel free to wear your favorite pajamas. 

  • children's Christmas program

    Our rehearsals are underway, and we are so excited for our Christmas Program, Away in a Mango! Mark your calendars, our show is scheduled for the first weekend in December!

    "A festive holiday cruise to Christmas Island aboard the luxurious Yuletide turns perilous for nine passengers on a day shopping excursion when their boat, the SS Mango, is caught in an unexpected storm and washed ashore on a deserted island. Deserted, that is, except for the island's lone inhabitant, Johnny Coconut, marooned there years before. Will they be found in time for the ship's big Christmas Concert? (hint: yes, they will!) What's Johnny's story? All aboard for a totally fresh, totally fun Christmas adventure for kids as they join the intrepid castaways of the SS Mango. After all, the story of the birth of Jesus is the story of lost people, unable to save themselves, being rescued by the long-awaited Savior!"

  • WEdnesday Nights

    Our various biblically sound club programs integrate spiritual and personal development to help today’s kids learn to follow Christ in every aspect of life. And our collaborative approach to ministry allows girls and boys to build healthy relationships with friends, caring adults and, most importantly, Jesus. Churches choose Pioneer Clubs for its participative Bible study, Scripture memory, life skills development and emphasis on relational discipleship and outreach.

    Pioneer Club will be offered for children ages 0-5th grade every Wednesday night! We are so excited to start this new program, and hope you are too. Pioneer Club begins September 11th and will run through the school year. We hope to see your children there!

    There is a fee of $15 that will cover award banners, award badges, and supplies needed for skill building activities. Children under 3 years old will not need to pay this fee.

    Click Here to Sign Up.

treetop Nursery 

(ages birth through 2 years)

We have a wonderful Nursery, staffed by loving adults and teens who would be delighted to care for your baby or help you with any needs you might have.  We offer the nursery from birth through two years old during all our regular services, Sunday School, Worship and Wednesday nights.

Cross Creek Preschool

Sunday MorningS

(3 yrs. through Pre-K)

Cross Creek Preschool is an activity-based time of worship for children ages 3 through kindergarten.  They learn that the lessons learned in Sunday School are as real for them today as they were for Moses and Mary and Jonah all those years ago.   This program will run concurrently with

Adult Worship at 10:30 AM.

Echo Canyon


(Kindergarten trough fifth grade)

Echo Canyon is our Kid's Worship for elementary age kids. It meets concurrently with adult worship at 10:30

each Sunday Morning