upcoming adult events

Check out the specific Women's and Men's pages with the links above to learn more about each ministry. Check below for upcoming events for Women and Men as well as events for all adults!

What's happening

  • Women's Appleberry attic Outing - Jan 29th

    Sign up is closed for this event on January 29th. Contact Beth Higgins with questions: (612) 850-0517

  • Adult sunday school classes

    Devoted Hearts—Women’s Class

    This class taught by Cathy Groen meets at 9:15 in the Choir Room. They are currently going through the book "Out of a Far Country" by Christopher and Angela Yuan. 

    "It is a gay son's journey to God, a broken mother’s search for hope. This story is told from the perspective of both mother and son. Deals with sexual identity, addiction, relationships and living as a Christian showing a loving heart. The Yuan’s had years of heartbreak, confusion and prayer before they found a place of complete surrender, which is God’s desire for all families." 

    We will start the first class by watching a speech given by Christopher Yuan, telling his story. He is now a professor at Moody Bible Institute. 

    If you plan to attend and would like your own book, contact Cathy Groen. 

    Adult Sunday School Class

    This class taught by Dave Bruess, George Cornell, and Jerry Wacker meets at 9:15 in Room 101 and follows the International Sunday School Lessons from Standard Publishing that are popular among many Evangelical Churches throughout the country. The lessons move back and forth between Old & New Testaments and over the course of six years, the entire Bible is covered. 


    Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask by Mark Mittelberg

    This class taught by Lead Pastor, Reggie Camarse, meets at 9:30 in Room 103. We will study Mittelberg’s book bridging faith and modern understanding.

    “What do you say when family and friends start asking difficult questions about your faith? Run and hide? Change the subject? With warmth and openness, Mittelberg tackles the

    10 most troubling questions facing today's Christians---and answers them. Discover

    how to respond to queries about heaven and hell, suffering, homosexuality, the

    authority of Scripture, and more.“

    A Survey of the End Times - What the Bible Says and Why Should I Care

    This class, taught by Mark LaPlaca, meets in the Fellowship Hall at 9:15.