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Six needs we have in the face of loss

Here are three short talks offered by Jim Conner, Senior Minister, on the six important steps we can take to help ourselves work through the sense of loss we are all feeling in the face of the current pandemic and economic stress.  The talks are based on an article by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, University of Colorado Medical School and Dir. of the Center for Loss & Life Transition.


Quarantine Quarrels

Use the links above to access the Quarantine Quarrels Videos
Use the links below to access the Quarantine Quarrels Handouts

Part One Discussion Guide
Part Two Discussion Guide
Temperament Build-Up Guide

Why are some of us staying busy with tasks and projects while others are FaceTiming with every friend they know? Why do some of us feel safest hunkered at home while others are on their fourth neighborhood stroll of the day?

Wondering why you have to micromanage one kid’s homeschooling while the other knocks out their work by 10 a.m.? Well, the way we’re wired colors how we’re coping right now.

And knowing your wiring (and everyone else’s in your home) could save you from (another) regrettable conversation.

Gather your family for an interactive online event with communication coach and temperament expert Kathleen Edelman. You’re guaranteed a few laughs and a lot more grace for everyone sheltering at home. 

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