adult Sunday School classes

Devoted Hearts—Women’s Class (Taught by Cathy Groen)

This class meets at 9:15 AM in the Choir Room. We will start a new study soon called Mysteries of the Messiah: unveiling divine connections from Genesis to today by Rabbi Jason Sobel. We will see how the Bible fits together; the plan and purpose for both the Old Testament and the New. Rabbi Jason is a messianic Jew and will give us a view of the Prophecies of Jesus thru the eyes of Jewish scholars. This is a DVD driven study with a study guide. If you would like a study guide book purchased for you, contact Cathy Groen or make a note on your Connections Card. There is a book that goes along with it that you may purchase also if you choose. You do not have to purchase these materials to attend class. 

Christian Standard Class (Taught by Dave Bruess, George Cornell, and Jerry Wacker)

This class meets at 9:15 AM in Room 101 and follows the International Sunday School Lessons from Standard Publishing that are popular among many Evangelical Churches throughout the country. The lessons move back and forth between Old & New Testaments and over the course of six years, the entire Bible is covered. 

The Minor Prophets (Taught by Mark LaPlaca)

This class meets at 9:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall. We will be studying five of the Minor Prophets, their messages, and what we can learn about God through them. The prophets we will study are from the time leading up to the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Join us for this interesting chronological look into this period of Israel's history to see what God says to them, to the other nations he worked through, and us. 

Kids & teens Sunday School Classes

All Kids & Teens meet at 9:30 AM:

*Children's Sunday School classes will take a break for the summer and will resume in the fall. The final day of classes will be Sunday, April 30th. 

6th-12th Grade - Youth Center

Answers in Genesis Curriculum:

Little Blessings (Birth-3yrs) - Room 116

Jesus and Me (3-4yrs) - Room 108

Rock Solid (Grades K-5) - Room 107