adult Sunday School classes

Devoted Hearts—Women’s Class (Taught by Cathy Groen)

This class meets at 9:15 AM in the Family Room. The group moves through various studies based on scripture, often using the online tool of RightNow Media. Free subscriptions to RightNow Media are available to anyone who is interested through the church. Click here to sign up for RightNow Media!

Christian Standard Class (Taught by George Cornell and Jerry Wacker)

This class meets at 9:15 AM in Room 101 and follows the International Sunday School Lessons from Standard Publishing that are popular among many Evangelical Churches throughout the country. The lessons move back and forth between Old & New Testaments and over the course of six years, the entire Bible is covered. 

Journeys (Taught by Mark LaPlaca)

This class meets at 9:30 AM in the Choir Room This is an in-depth and detailed study on various books of the Bible. This class will meet regularly through January before taking a break.  

Kids & teens Sunday School Classes

All Kids & Teens meet at 9:30 AM:

6th-12th Grade - Youth Center

Grow! Curriculum:

Nursery (Birth-3yrs) - Room 116

PreK-K (3yrs-K) - Room 108

Elementary (1-5 Grade) - Room 107