our livestream has ended

During the Covid Pandemic, Andover Christian Church began to livestream our worship service to maintain fellowship and worship in lock-down. This took a lot of work from our worship team and enabled members to feel connected at a time when we couldn’t be in the same room. Now that we are well past the pandemic, ACC has decided to discontinue the live stream of our worship service.

An important element of corporate worship is to be physically gathered together (Acts 2:46, Matthew 16:18). If you happen to be away from Andover, we recommend visiting a local worship service. If you live far away from Andover, we also recommend becoming part of a local Christ-centered church. We believe in-person attendance at a local church will enrich your spiritual growth more than a live stream experience.

If you want to revisit our Sunday service teaching, don’t worry! Our messages will continue to be recorded and cataloged on our website, but these recordings should serve as a supplement to attendance on Sunday morning (not a substitute). 

These videos will be uploaded after our live worship service.

We want to express our gratitude to all those who have diligently served in the live stream ministry of ACC and to those who have joined us online over these past years. We’re excited to have you all back in person!