Hiring - Minister of children and young families

Andover Christian Church is seeking a new Minister of Children and Young Families.  ACC is a church of 190 (pre-COVID) attendance in the Northern suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. To apply, send your resume to Office@andoverchurch.com. References to be supplied upon request. 

The Focus of the Minister of Children and Young Families:

To help Andover Christian Church minister in the best possible ways to our children and families, from birth through grade school, so that they come to love God, know and treasure His Word, and follow Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

To create and conduct ministries that will help children who come in contact with this church to become healthy, whole persons spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

Areas of Focus:

  • 1.  The children who are attending ACC, from birth through grade school
  • 2.    The families of these children, esp. their parents
  • 3.    The children of our community who do not know Jesus or who are unchurched, along with their parents.


  • A.   To oversee the Children’s Ministry of ACC – the various ministries and  programs which focus on children from birth through 5th grade.
  • B.   To coordinate the efforts of the Children’s Ministry so that its efforts support and enhance the mission, values, and priorities of ACC.
  • C.   To build a leadership team which shares the ownership and work of conducting this ministry.
  • D.   To develop programs that coordinate with the other ministry teams so that ACC is able to minister to the whole family.  (Sunday School, Worship, Wednesday evenings, etc.)
  • E.   To recruit leaders for each of the program areas within the Children’s Ministry.  To support these leaders so that they and their programs are effective and fruitful.
  • F.    To see that events and activities occur which foster the values of ACC (Connect, Grow, Serve, Care, & Worship) in our children.
  • G.   To offer programs and activities which help to develop a sense of community among our families with children, esp. for the parents of the children.
  • H.   To represent the Children’s Ministry within the larger leadership structure of ACC.  To participate in staff meetings, board meetings, etc.
  • I.     To assist with the shepherding of the congregation, esp. for those people and families that are a part of the Children’s Ministry.


  • The Minister of Children and Young Families, as with other ministerial staff, is ultimately accountable to the Elders of ACC.
  • Immediate oversight will be to the Sr. Minister.